"Do we have a bathroom?! Yes and no."

"If you’ve seen other photos of our bus you know it’s completely open concept. Different, we know. The BEST part about building your own space is that the design is entirely up to YOU, right? We wanted this open look from the beginning. Our composting toilet lives in this crafty little cabinet-style built-in. It doubles as our nightstand. The door is reclaimed pine. The top is reclaimed maple — it flips up and hooks to the ceiling with a magnet. Our windows are tinted and no, we don’t really care about or miss the privacy of walls and a door. We’ve known each other for 15 years and have been married for five. Now we live in a 165 sq. ft. bus together. We’ve seen it all."

As for the stove?

"Check out @tinywoodstove - it's their dwarf stove with enamel door. We LOVE it - easy to install, lightweight, zero smoke problems like some wood stoves... great draft. The install kit came with everything we needed except for an additional length of pipe which was easy to buy locally. We really love it. It's PLENTY big and warm for our space, 165 square feet. It keeps us very warm on nights 15 to 20 degrees or up. We were also really meticulous about insulating our bus! If we were planning on sticking around Maine for the winters we would have gone with a 5kw, longer burn. We really love it though! We ran it through several Maine and New Hampshire winter nights before heading south and it just required a stoke around 2-3am to stay comfortable. My husband jokes that he built our entire bus around the wood stove; it’s his faaaavorite!"

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