Hi! I’m Garrick Hoffman, a Maine native and resident.

I’m a professional photographer, actor, and writer.

I’m now a freelance photographer doing weddings, events, senior & family portraits, professional headshots, behind-the-scenes, products, landscapes, and more.

(Photo: Matt Levesque)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and how did you first become seriously interested in photography?

    I began doing professional photography in the spring of 2017 when Mainely Media in Biddeford hired me as a freelancer after working as a reporter for one of their newspapers, the Biddeford-Saco-Old Orchard Beach Courier. This was also the year I purchased my first DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera)!

    Photography simply began as a hobby for me, interestingly, with my first smartphone in 2012! I eventually got my first point-and-shoot camera as a gift in 2013; then, I went on to purchase a new Nikon point-and-shoot in the fall of 2014 with birthday money. After a couple years as a hobbyist who loved taking and editing photos from long walks and outdoor adventures with friends, I got hired as a reporter for Mainely Media where I was given an opportunity to do photo assignments – even before I got my first DSLR! After a few months of doing this, I strictly became a freelance photographer, doing work for not only the Courier but also the South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Sentry, Scarborough Leader, and Kennebunk-Kennebunkport Post.


  • What have been your biggest influences for photography? What about writing?

    When it comes to photography, I actually don’t really tend to draw much inspiration from other photographers so much as I do from what simply catches my eye, as well as different styles that I like to experiment with (portraits vs. product shots or landscapes, for example). Light is inspiring; more specifically, good light. That said, there are so many talented photographers that I know whose techniques I could use to improve my own photography. I follow many local photographers with consummate skills that make me want to be constantly improving my craft.

    As for writing, I’ve perhaps been most influenced by Stephen King. I love his fiction, but I also learned a lot from reading and re-reading his memoir, On Writing. In addition, I’ve been influenced by other writers such as Jon Krakauer (Into The Wild, Into Thin Air), George Orwell (1984), Christopher Hitchens (Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man, Why Orwell Matters), and Aron Ralston (Between a Rock and a Hard Place)

  • How long have you been doing photography?

    Professionally for three years; about seven total.

  • What was your first photography job?

    Freelance photography at Mainely Media in Biddeford, principally covering “feature,” or “slice of life,” stories (festivals, town events, parades, etc.). Before that, I had been selling prints at farmers markets and art walks in Portland, Maine, if that counts!

  • What’s your background with writing?

    I’ve always loved writing; I remember even as a kid it was one of the things I had most fun doing in school, particularly creative writing. However, I’ve been lucky to land commercial writing jobs that I’ve enjoyed doing.

    As a student at Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) from 2012-2015, I served as a regular contributing writer at its student newspaper, The Beacon, going on to serve as its managing editor for one of those years. This involved not just managing writers and graphic designers, but continuing to be a contributing writer as well as a photographer and copy editor.

    I did creative writing and supplied photography for the SMCC literary magazine, Writ, in 2015 (two of my photos landed on both the front and back cover!). After I graduated in December 2015, I served as one of its editors for its 2016 edition.

    As I mentioned above, in early 2017 I was a reporter for the Courier, a free regional newspaper published by Mainely Media. I was responsible for covering between four and six written stories per week as its only reporter, in addition to copy editing every article published. Since becoming a freelance photographer for Mainely Media, I’ve been responsible for writing cutlines (or captions) for each photo published, as well as being a contributing writer to supplement photo assignments.

    In 2019, I landed my first gig in the magazine industry after I pitched and then wrote a story for the Maine Brew & Bev Guide, titled “From Malt to Moo”, which focused on the synergistic relationship between the brewing and farming industries in Maine. That same year, I pitched and wrote an article for its sister magazine, the Activities Guide of Maine. The article, titled “Hit the Pedals: Enjoy a Scenic, Stellar Bike Ride Around Portland”, highlights and details one of my favorite bike rides in Portland that I created.

  • What is the photographic project of which you are most proud?

    Although there may be other photo projects of mine I aesthetically like more, I was both honored and proud to be hired by my USM photojournalism instructor, Fred Field, to help shoot the Bowdoin College 2019 Alumni Reunion. Fred is an award-winning professional photojournalist who has worked for the Boston Globe, Portland Press Herald, Harvard Magazine, and more. It was one of the most fun weekends I’ve had on the job, even though it nonetheless required 40 hours of work over three days. Not only is Bowdoin a prestigious private college with a beautiful campus, it also emanated an exciting and spirited atmosphere with a palpable sense of community and diversity. I was so enamored! It was a wonderful and elating experience that I believe marked a huge leap in my career, and I was really proud of the photos I captured over that weekend. (It helped that Fred and Bowdoin liked them, too!)

    Besides this, one of my proudest accomplishments was in marketing when I introduced the Stephen King-inspired concept of the “Dancing Clown IPA” at Gritty McDuff’s, based on King’s novel & film IT. What began as an idea resulted in a successful social media campaign, significant merchandise and beer sales…and stolen posters from the bathrooms! With the help of a local illustrator and graphic designer, Victor Rios of Expose Design, I created a logo for the beer that was placed on t-shirts and hoodies, both of which sold out completely. I came up with the name, the idea for the logo, the poster design, and the social media imagery, the last of which involved using my camera, a pint of beer, and a red balloon – all in a tiny beer & wine closet at the pub! It was not just a fun project, but a successful one that produced a tremendous sense of reward for me.


…is to produce the best-looking, highest-quality imagery for those who seek my services. No matter what I’m photographing, whether it’s people, products, or plateaus, I will not walk away from any job until I know I’ve captured superior photographs that will stun you (and myself!). I set the highest standards on myself to produce the best work because I care about the craft as much as I care about my clients. Visit my Contact page to reach me for your photography needs!

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