Intriguing Individuals Podcast – Ep. #1 – Mariah Larocque

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Intriguing Individuals Podcast - Mariah Larocque

Mariah Larocque is an actor, screenwriter, activist, survivor, and she is currently Miss Maine 2021.

Mariah starred in her first feature-length film, “Dole Mates,” in 2021, in a lead role with Blake Wright, her co-star and boyfriend. Directed and written by Maine-based filmmaker and University of Southern Maine screenwriting instructor Dan Chaimowitz, “Dole Mates” is currently in post-production.

During her time competing for and becoming Miss Maine, Mariah has been advocating to end child sexual abuse. A passionate activist for the cause, Mariah has experienced past trauma that has animated her advocacy efforts. She goes into some detail about her past and activism in this episode.

In addition to her acting, advocacy and Miss Maine journey, Mariah has recently completed her first screenplay. Titled “Good Morning Sunshine,” Mariah aspires to bring this project to life on the screen.

This episode was recorded November 6, 2021. Since the recording, and just days before the final Miss America competition, Mariah tested positive for COVID, leaving her unable to compete in the competition (the weekend of December 18). Despite this sudden (and profound) disappointment, Mariah remains optimistic and resilient and will continue her journey as an actor, screenwriter, and as Miss Maine.

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